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Longclaw Umbrella

Longclaw Umbrella

Well, winter finally came…

Which means spring is right around the corner and you know what that means!

April showers are coming, it is known.

Be prepared for the coming storms and shield yourself from the rain with a Longclaw umbrella. Longclaw is the Valyrian steel gifted to Jon Snow by his Lord Commander and it’s ready to serve you just as well in umbrella form!

The Longclaw umbrella features a sword hilt handle that is similar to the one you’ve seen on Jon Snow’s sword and the opened umbrella has a 41 inch diameter to block the rain for you and perhaps a (redheaded) friend of yours, provided they’re small and willing to walk quite close to you.

The Game of Thrones show logo is visible on the open umbrella, so other fans of the show will be able to spot a member of the Night’s Watch coming their way!

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