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Shredder and Friends Beach Towel

Shredder and Friends Beach Towel

It’s a different side of Shredder on this precious beach towel.

See the cruel villain in a new light, as he feeds some miniature pizza to three of his little turtle buddies.

Some of you are getting ready to go on a rant about how this towel goes against Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles canon by proposing a weird new origin story or something.

You need to calm down.

There are three turtles in this image, not four. If there were four then we might have something to talk about but since it’s three then this scene could be anything. Maybe Shredder heard that the heroes on a half shell have a fondness for pizza, went out, captured three turtles and is trying to feed pizza to them so they’ll grow into ninja warriors under his control?

In any case, this beach towel is sold by Society 6. As always, that means the design is available on many, many types of product, in various colors and sizes. If you like this artwork but you don’t really need a beach towel, then hit up the link and see what other options you’ve got.

Turtle power!

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