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Hello Kitty Ice Cube Tray

Hello Kitty Ice Cube Tray

Oh no, it’s too cute!

Make it stop!

Hello Kitty has been non-stop ramming adorable products down our throats for, what, forty years at this point? (Yeah, that’s real. Look it up.)

Well, you shouldn’t be surprised. This is yet another Hello Kitty product that fans of that innocent white cat will feel compelled to purchase on first site. (Is there ever a bad Hello Kitty product? Ever? Someone send us the worst Hello Kitty product they’ve ever seen please.)

But right now, we’re calling all kawaii kids! Cocktails will never be as precious as they are with Hello Kitty ice cubes floating in the glasses!

Think of all the Instagram likes these will be good for!

Do it for the Instagram likes!

Actually, that’s something that should go on the drunkMall to-do list – make friends with Instagram influencers…

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