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Laser Tag Guns

Laser Tag Guns

Isn’t this supposed to be the future?

We’ve had laser tag for over 20 years and everyone knows it’s exhilarating. Why don’t we have more laser sports?! Where are all the people whose job it is to invent sports, what are they doing and why doesn’t it involve lasers?

Laser tag is awesome but it’s also a little weird because, unless you’re going with an enormous group and/or can afford to rent the whole place out, you’re going to be playing with and against some total strangers. That’s not ideal because you have no idea what these people are capable of or how they handle under pressure, under fear.

That’s why this pair of blasters for at-home laser tag play is so great. Each laser blaster is also a target, so there’s no vest to wear, and team settings can be individually changed on each one. Know your team! Know your enemy!

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