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Girls Fart T-Shirt

Girls Fart T-Shirt

Girls fart.

Moms fart. Girlfriends fart. Wives fart. Nuns fart.

Farts are funny. Nun farts might be the funniest farts, now that we’ve thought about it for a second. But all farts are funny.

And it’s time to stop pretending that girls don’t fart! The consequences of this cover-up have been severe and widespread throughout the ages. Or at least that’s what we read on Tumblr.

If we can #FreeTheNipple, then we can certainly have a national conversation to let people know that #GirlsFart, yeah? Yeah.

Here’s a t-shirt to get everyone talking about it. We found it on Society6, so that means you can get the same exact design on all sorts of other products if you don’t need a new shirt. Phone cases, gift cards, framed art prints, coffee mugs – all sorts of things.

Let it rip!

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