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Armpit Air Conditioner

Armpit Air Conditioner

Don’t let armpit sweat get the best of you this summer!

Personal hygiene is incredibly important to an individual’s social standing. Remember the weird smelling kid in 10th grade? Not very popular, right? Right.

But pit sweat seems unstoppable. It’s the way arms are built, you know? Unless you walk around with your arms over your head all day – which would obviously be pretty weird and quite difficult to accomplish – your stupid armpits are like a tropical skin cave incubating heat.

Wear an undershirt?

You’ll sweat through that.

Wear no shirt?

Come on, Billy Bob. Get it together.

Anti-perspirant deodorant?

Uh, that stuff is made out of chemtrails, bro.

What are we to do?!

Armpit air conditioners. It’s discreet and battery operated. Clip one to the inside of each shirt sleeve and send blasts of cooling air into your pits to keep the waterfalls at bay.

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