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Vodka Bottle Phone Case

Vodka Bottle Phone Case

The official phone case of everyone who should have their phone taken away and locked in a box as soon as the Sun goes down!

Drunk dialing (and texting) is a very real problem.

Honestly, that’s the entire reason for drunkMall’s existence. We’re just trying to give you all a more private, less embarrassing alternative to drunkenly throwing all the problems of your life at another human being and hoping they have the answers…

For everyone who’s poison of choice comes in that classic and instantly identifiable bottle, here’s a phone case that looks exactly like a major warning sign reminder of the magical liquid that put you in the frame of mind that’s got you reaching for that phone!

Just remember, if the worst happens and you get called out for sending a weird text –  you didn’t text them, vodka texted them!

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