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Confetti High Fives

Confetti High Fives

Can you imagine how it must have felt for the two people who invented the high five?

Like, wow. Really…

It makes you wonder who they were… What they were doing… What supreme achievement they had performed that needed a new type of shared celebratory gesture to put a stamp on that moment… (Wikipedia says it was probably some sports stuff but that’s just the name. People have been slapping hands for ages.)

Anyway, the high five has been around long enough that people are starting to find it boring. We’ve even got other forms of physical celebration trying to sneak in and replace it – you know, like dabbing…

┬áDon’t let the high five be lost in the pages of history!

Add some flair to your high fives with this confetti blaster!

You strap the unit onto your hand with the button facing out from the palm. When your high five connects, the button being pressed shoots confetti up into the air!

Get ready to see this thing in every “haters will say it’s fake” YouTube vid…

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