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Bullet Shaped Shot Glass

Bullet Shaped Shot Glass

Make it a REAL shot with this beautiful piece!

Solid glass, fashioned into the shape of a big ol’ .50 caliber bullet. It’s hollow, of course – how else could you drink booze from it?!

That’s right, this bullet is a shot glass, baby!

The wide end is the mouth of the shot glass and the other end, the pointy end…

Oh, you can’t really set this thing down because of that point end, huh?

Well good thing it comes with a pedestal to hold the glass upright for pouring and presentation purposes!

The base/pedestal looks like the cylinder of a revolver. (Keeping with the gun them, ya know.)

Next time it’s shot time, haul out this bad boy and get to shooting!

It’s a direct hit with the gun toting crowd – give it a shot!

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