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1 Year of Freeze Dried Food

1 Year of Freeze Dried Food

The only reason anyone would need a full year’s supply of freeze dried food is if, you know, nuclear war breaks out or global warming leads to the surface of the planet being largely uninhabitable or the government collapses entirely and leads to a society similar to our favorite post-apocalyptic scenarios from fiction.

So you’ve probably got until, like, 2018 max before at least one of those things goes down, if current trends are any indication.

We’ve all made fun of survivalists in the past. It’s fine. They probably don’t even take it hard. Why would they? If any of these end-of-the-world situations comes down the pipeline, they’ll all be prepared and everyone else will take it in the tailpipe.

Now that the screenwriters of the reality simulation are giving us cliffhanger plot twists on a weekly basis, it’s maybe time to rethink your position on readiness.

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