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Pepper Spray Blaster

Pepper Spray Blaster

Deliver up to two shots of exceedingly powerful pepper spray with this blaster gun!

Fitted with front and rear sights to improve accuracy over a cylindrical sprayer, the PepperBlaster is capable of sending a blast thirteen feet in just 1/10 of a second with no blowback or loss of pressure.

There’s a second shot if you need it and a direct hit can incapacitate someone for up to 45 minutes. Eyeglasses, sunglasses and even ski masks will not shield from this blast.

This is a self-defense weapon and, as such, online sales are subject to the restrictions and regulations of your state. Be sure to read the product description before ordering.

And, seriously, guys, this is serious, ok? Sure, it would probably be hilarious to try this out on totally willing participants and film it for YouTube but we really don’t think you should do that. Even though it would be funny. Don’t do it.

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