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Childrens Shark Sleeper

Childrens Shark Sleeper

So your kid snuck back out of bed, watched a 2am airing of Jaws: The Revenge and now has a debilitating fear of sharks which becomes a whole thing every night at bedtime. It happens.

What better way to pre-empt such phobias than to have your wee one crawl into the mouth of a shark for nap time? The SeaCozy Shark is made from top quality, American made polar fleece. There are two sizes available. The larger size is about three and a half feet long, so just right for smaller kids (or people who always have cold feet or something.)

Please, please, be a responsible parent and make sure your child knows the difference between a blanket shark and a real shark. The last thing anybody wants is for kids to start jumping into the shark tank at the aquarium, okay, people?

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