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Wizard of Oz Twister Globe

Wizard of Oz Water Globe

Auntie Em, it’s a twister globe!

Forget about snow globes with their cutesy winter scenes of snowmen and sleigh rides, there’s a tornado on the loose and if you aren’t careful then it just might sweep your imagination away down that yellow brick road on the journey of a lifetime!

This isn’t a “snow” globe because there isn’t any white stuff floating around inside but it does have some metallic sparkles in there. It could be meant for swirling debris from the tornado in the center of the water globe because that whole thing spins around!

Wind up the globe with a key on the bottom to set the scene in motion to the tune of “It Really Was No Miracle” from The Wizard of Oz. Don’t worry about Dorothy and Toto – they’re safe on the outside of the globe.

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