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Conspiracy Theory Board Game

Conspiracy Theory Board Game

Tired of arguing over conspiracy theories with your friends and acquaintances?

Of course you are. Everyone is. There’s no reason any of us should be discussing politics one-tenth of the amount that we have to do every single day now.

We don’t know the creators of this board game but we can only imagine they were also tired of pointless arguments that go nowhere but circles. They must have wondered if there was a way to make all this bullshit somehow fun and that appears to be what they’ve done!

You’ve also gotta give them credit for knowing how to market their game because this was brought to our attention through a reddit ad. (That’s where the newbie conspiracy kids hang out these days, if you don’t know.)

Unfortunately, it looks like they just missed their goal with the funding but they got close enough that it’s worth keeping an eye on that page for updates. They’ll probably give it another try.

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