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TableTopics Conversation Starters

TableTopics Conversation Starters

Gone are the days of sitting around in awkward silence trying to figure out what to talk about!

Tabletopics is a box of cards with thought-provoking questions meant to inspire entertaining conversations at the dinner table.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just want to introduce a fun new element to supper at home, this set of cards will set the conversational wheels in motion. Each box comes with 135 cards and each card has a question on it that almost no human person would think to ask over a typical dinner. Questions like, “Would you be more afraid to be trapped on a rope bridge over a canyon or in a dark cramped cave?” or “Have you ever drunk dialed someone?”

Oh, if those weren’t the kind of questions you were expecting then we should point out that this edition of Tabletopics is titled “not your mom’s dinner party” and there are other versions for other occasions.

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