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Mobile Romance laptop sleeve

Mobile Romance laptop sleeve

Is there another image that sums up the state of modern romance so succinctly?

First impressions have always been super important for all the singles in the game. That hasn’t changed. But the environment where first impressions now happen is radically changed from even a decade ago.

Did you meet your last hookup in a bar? Yeah, maybe. But it’s now far more likely that you’ll show up on someone else’s radar for the first time on Facebook or Tinder or whatever the next thing is people are doing that requires them to get fully dressed and made up for a night of sitting on the couch to talk to people.

Yeah. People get decked out to stay at home and look at their phone all night because there’s no telling when shit could get serious and the selfies start flying, the snaps get going hot and heavy – God damn, you might even end up in a Facetime…

Ya gotta be ready!

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