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Pipe Coffee Mug

Pipe Coffee Mug

Maybe the thing your morning routine is missing is more drugs.

Sure, you’re already slamming home cups of coffee plus whatever pills you were totally legally prescribed by a real actual doctor who isn’t your drug dealer.


But still, maybe you aren’t getting enough vitamin THC with your breakfast is the thing.

Worry not, getting an extra serving of green into your day has never been easier than it is right now! On top of increasingly sane drug laws creeping their way across the land, we now have such wonderful inventions as this terrific coffee mug/pipe combo!

The airflow path from the bowl to the mouth hole does not come into contact at any point with the liquid in the mug. Fill it with 8 ounces of coffee or tea or whatever you want to drink and rest assured that the flavor of your beverage will not be turned into bong water!

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