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Electrifying Reaction Game

Electrifying Reaction Game

Ever wanted to know who has the best reflexes of everyone in the room?

This game lets you find that out… But there are consequences for the loser!

Lightning Reaction Reloaded is a new and improved version of a fast-paced game that uses electric shock to deliver physical punishment to the loser(s)!

Players grip metal handles and wait for the light in the middle to change from red to green. When the light changes, press the button on your handle as fast as you can! In Normal mode, the last person to press their button gets shocked but in Extreme mode everyone except the first person to press gets the shock!

The game is recommended only for players aged 14+ and the warning clearly states that it isn’t a toy and and people living with certain medical devices and issues should not play.

That being said, the intensity of the electric shock is a variable setting and can be changed between low, medium and high, depending on what you want the stakes to be for the loser!

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