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Meat Cleaver Earrings

Meat Cleaver Earrings

Need some jewelry that’s deadly cool?!

Look no further than these meat cleaver earrings!

Have no fear – they only look sharp. The sides of your face should be fine. Probably.

These are the kind of earrings worn by that kind of person who fucks your whole life up.

Like, either in a good way or a bad way – but it’s never the same after them.

Whether it’s because the sex was unprecedented and earth-shattering or because the relationship ended with them smashing your records and pouring gasoline all over your bed, these are the type of earrings worn by that type of person.

Recommended for fans of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, intimidating other humans who thought they wanted to become one of your sexual partners, butchering your own meats and menacing cutlery!

Grab a pair tonight!

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