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Kittens Hearts and Poo – Emoji Coloring Book

Kittens Hearts and Poo - Emoji Coloring Book

Something old, something new, something trendy, something blue…

Or any other color you want it to be!

Kittens, Hearts, and Poo: An Enchanting Emoji Coloring Book [sic] is exactly what it looks like it is – a coloring book full of those adorable little cartoons that are slowly replacing language and taking us back to the age of hieroglyphics!

This coloring book has 20 individual emoji illustrations just waiting to be colored in and each of the book’s 40 pages is only printed on one side. That means you don’t have to make any tough decisions like you would if two of your favorite emoji were on opposite sides of the same page!

Of course, there are many, many more emoji than only the 20 contained in this book but that simply means we must hope for future editions. Have no fear, the kittens and hearts and poo advertised in the title can be found in these pages!


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