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Easy Snow Removal System

Easy Snow Removal System

Small fortunes have been made off of how precarious and sketchy a task it can be to remove snow from the roof of a house. There’s probably a shelf in the America’s Funniest Home Videos vault somewhere dedicated exclusively to the clip genre of dads getting hilariously wrecked just trying to clear some snow.

Funny, sure, but dumb dad mistakes are so cliche at this point. It’s been done.

Nowadays it’s all about the impressive life hacks and we’ve got the king hell snow hack for everyone living somewhere that still gets a winter season. As you can see in the photo, the Avalanche snow removal system lets you stand a great distance away from the roof while you work.

Simply slide the end of the roof rake up under fresh snowfall and push. The material attached to the back of the rake head works kind of like a Slip n Slide to send that snow cascading down from the roof!

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