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Korean Plunger

Korean Plunger

Uh, did Korea just dunk on the rest of the world?

The rest of us are out here shoving plungers into shit-clogged toilets and then probably just keeping the business end of that whole situation in a bucket in a closet or something, dripping who knows how much butt water on the floor in the process.

Meanwhile, some Korean inventors were like, “So, you know that if you want to use suction to push through a toilet clog then you don’t have to actually touch the water at all, right? Oh, you don’t know that. Okay…”


This is how science works. Everyone does something one way, some smarter people come along to tell everyone we should be doing the thing another way and then we all start doing the thing the smarter way.

This is the smarter way.

Throw away your germ stick plunger and get one of these.

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