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Bomb Squad Alarm Clock

Bomb Squad Alarm Clock

It’s way too easy to sleep through a regular alarm, especially if many bottles had their relationship status changed to “popped” the night before. We’ve all woken up at 6pm only to realize that we somehow snoozed our alarm 172 times while sleeping. It happens. You can try all the usual tricks, like moving the alarm to the other side of the bed so your hand can’t find it without waking up, but you’ll probably only get a week or so out of it before that doesn’t work anymore either.

Fortunately, there are many creative solutions to this problem. drunkMall is all about helping you “drunkproof” your life, so we post a lot of clocks with alarms that require more than a simple arm flop to silence. Here’s another one.

Now, this thing is made in Japan, so good luck understanding the instructions. But the general idea seems to be that an alarm goes off and the only way to get it to shutup is by “cutting” the right wire. Cut the wrong wire and it makes the sound of a loud explosion!

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