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Live Long and Prosper Oven Mitt

Live Long and Prosper Oven Mitt

Travel to new galaxies of deliciousness with a hand from your favorite Vulcan!

“Live Long and Prosper” is pretty vague advice, as is all the best advice. You can make it mean whatever you want really. Because what’s “prosper” after all? For all anyone knows, “prospering” could mean a hot oven full of amazing baked confections just about ready to be pulled out and served while still warm!

Of course, if you like the “live long” part more than the “prosper” part then you may want to search the final frontiers of the Internet for some healthy dessert treats. But the Spock oven mitt really works for any of the usual things you’d be grabbing from the oven, not just desserts. Pastas, casseroles, roasts – whatever you’re cooking is gonna be hot when it comes out and you’ll need some protection.

It’s the logical choice!

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