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Fake Credit Card Flash Drive

Fake Credit Card Flash Drive

Time isn’t money any more.

Information is money.

Time is just what it takes to move information from one place to another. Input or output, upload or download – at least for the next however-many-years-it-takes-for-future-tech-to-get-her, you will want and need to physically move info from one place to another on a flash drive.

There are countless novelty USB drives on the market designed like this thing or that thing. Here’s the deal: you have to carry that thing around without breaking it or losing it or forgetting it somewhere.

This flash drive is shaped like a credit card and that makes it SO much better for all of those reasons.

You almost definitely already own a purse or clutch or card wallet with compartments specifically made to store something of this shape.

This one’s a no brainer.

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