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Whiskey Bullets

Whiskey Bullets

Throwing back whiskey on the rocks isn’t macho enough for you?

Settle down, roid rage. We got your violent delights right here!

Everyone knows about whiskey stones. Rocks you keep in the freezer to be tossed in a neat liquor to chill it without diluting the flavor with water when the ice melts. Yeah, great idea if you like actual rocks in your drink, hippie.

For everyone who’d rather¬†spend a day firing heavy duty weaponry¬†at the shooting range than do kundalini yoga at the beach, there are now whiskey bullets!

Packaged in a beautiful wooden box, whiskey bullets are made of stainless steel that doesn’t add any odor or flavor to the beverage. All the edges have been rounded to protect your glassware from scratches or dings in normal use. Get ’em while they last, folks – this is the new thing!

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