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Gizmo Swimsuit

Gizmo Swimsuit

There’s kind of a sick sense of humor in making a swimsuit with a mogwai on it.

Let’s not forget that the second rule of owning a mogwai is that you can’t ever get it wet or it will spawn several more creatures from itself. And based on the movies, at least one of those extra fur babies is likely to be an evil bastard that gets you to feed the whole brood after midnight and transform them into hilariously murderous gremlins!

But if you’ve learned nothing from classic horror-comedy movies then go right ahead and purchase this cute and stylish one-piece bathing suit with Gizmo printed on the fabric. It’s made of smooth and breathable polyester with a stretchy but light fit. It’s also fast-drying, so you can quickly transition from the pool back to the party with minimal dripping!

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