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DIY Rubber Band Gadgets Book

DIY Rubber Band Gadgets Book

You’d be amazed at the things you can build using the stuff in your junk drawer. Nobody’s saying you can ward off a home invasion with shoestring and paper clips. This isn’t MacGuyver. But, you know, a functional rubber band rifle is totally in the realm of possibilities!

Rubber Band Engineer is a fun how-to guide on creating “guerilla gadgets from household hardware,” so it’s a wonderful gift for intelligent children, tinkering adults and all ages in between. Instead of just reading about the hows and whys of weapons, catapults and rocket launchers, you’ll be able to build them yourself by following instructions for practical application of the knowledge in the book!

You’re gonna need a lot of rubber bands, obviously, but you probably already have most of the other items used in the book, like paint stirrers and pencils and popsicle sticks.

Ready to build?

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