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Bob’s Burgers Recipe Book

Bob's Burgers Recipe Book

Ever wanted to take a big ol’ bite of some delicious looking thing you saw in a cartoon?

Hey, we aren’t talking about Rule 34, weirdo!

We’re talking about burgers – Bob’s Burgers!

The Belcher family in the wildly popular cartoon series frequently offers less-than-appetizing burger recipes to their customers. But there also are some menu listings that occasionally seem close to burger greatness…

This recipe book gets it right every time!

Full of burger constructions based on puns from the show, the writer worked with writers of the series and an acclaimed chef to show you how to recreate burger recipes from the popular Bob’s Burger Experiment blog.

Check the reviews and you’ll see that this is a wonderful purchase for fans of the cartoon who love making and eating very real, very good burgers!

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