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Home Planetarium

Home Planetarium

Bring the stars inside with your very own home planetarium!

Gazing at the night sky has filled mankind with curiosity and inspiration for thousands and thousands of years. Something about looking out at that endless field of twinkling lights really puts perspective on things, doesn’t it? (“Too much,” Nigel Tufnel might say.)

Whether you live near a big city and can’t see the stars for all the light pollution or you just want to be able to relax in your bedroom instead of climbing on a rooftop, these home planetarium units are totally awesome. Manufactured by Sega (yes, that Sega), the device was designed by an expert, Takayuki Ohira. This guy knows his stuff, holding the Guinness World Record for the most advanced professional planetarium.

These home units can project 60,000 stars with a rotational effect and there’s even a “shooting star” function.

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