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Bunny Cakes Pan

Bunny Cakes Pan

Bunny cakes.

It sounds like an adorable nickname you might have for a baby or a pet or other loved one.

But, oh – oh no.

Bunny cakes are better than fairies and magic and deities because bunny cakes don’t need you to believe in them to be real. Bunny cakes are real and delicious and you can get them today.

Don’t worry – there are no actual bunnies inside of these cakes. You actually aren’t buying the cakes. It’s a pan that lets you bake bunny shaped things, like cakes.

The deliciousness of the bunny cake is ultimately up to you but presentation will require very little thought at all.

The mere bunny-shapedness of it all is enough but if you want to go extra then shaved coconut bunny tails and carrots made of icing are always easy to do!

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