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10 Stacks of Fake Benjamins

10 Stacks of Fake Benjamins

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to have $10,000 in cash?

Now you can(not)!

Light cigars with (not real) $100 bills! Throw thousands of (not) dollars on top of a bed and get frisky with a loved one! For a small amount of (real) money, get a much larger amount of (fake) money – what a crazy deal! America really is the land of opportunity!

This funny money is made for people who need fake cash for movies and stuff like that. It’s perfect for that and you could also use it to play a joke on a friend but you’ve got to make sure nobody tries to actually spend it because that’s seriously illegal and really stupid way to go to jail.

Order this (totally pretend) money in units of $10k and get free shipping up to 100 units – that’s a cold (faux) million.

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