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Political Countdown Calendar

Political Countdown Calendar

It seems like every single day for the last two weeks there’s been a headline that causes you and/or your social media friends to lose their entire minds, right?

American politics in 2017 is a new species of animal. We try to keep drunkMall out of it but we also have to give the people what they want. Apparently most of you want to be super political now, so here’s a calendar to help you do it.

For the duration of Trump’s presidency, this calendar will keep you informed of dates and deadlines with major political deadlines. Voting registration deadlines, federal holidays, election notices and things like that. Whichever side of the big orange fight you’re on, these are the dates you’ll need to know in order to show up for duty.

Side note, if dude gets impeached then all the dates are still the same so it’s still useful.

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