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Animal Butt Magnets

Animal Butt Magnets

This set of magnets looks like the backsides of a bunch of different barnyard animals!

You’ve got a sheep’s butt, a rooster’s tail, a pig’s rump, a bull’s behind, a cow’s udder-ly huge hind end and a horse’s ass!

It’s like Old MacDonald’s farm on a full moon!

As far as what to do with them, well that’s pretty much up to you. Anything you’d do with any other funny magnet, you can do with these…

They’re magnets, so they cling to all the things that magnets normally cling to. You know, metal stuff. And they look like animal butts, so some people will probably think that’s funny. You probably think it’s funny, since you’re still reading this, so why wait another minute to get this funny set of animal magnets into your life?

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