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Red High Heels Phone Stand

Red High Heels Phone Stand

When in doubt, go with the red heels!

Red high heels will always be there for you.

How many times have you spent half an hour or more deliberating over which shoes to wear before doing the same thing you’ve done a thousand times before and reaching for the red heels?

That’s called dependability and it’s a rare commodity in life.

Now those red heels are here to help with more than just helping you look fantastic walking down the street. This pair of miniature heels is actually a phone stand. It’s shown here holding an older iPhone but you can obviously put other phones (or other similarly shaped items) up on the shoes?


Well, unless your phone comes with a kickstand on the back (it doesn’t) then you can surely think of some times when you wished you could prop it up to keep looking at something while you ate food?

It also makes it easier to use your phone with just one finger while you’re waiting for nail polish to dry!

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