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Stretchy Thigh High Heeled Boots

Stretchy Thigh High Heeled Boots

Hot damn!

Whatever technological advances are responsible for this type of fashion innovation, we are here for it!

Thigh-high boots, high heel boots, thigh-high leggings – all of those things have been around for a while. Even if you’re into it, you’re a little bit over it too.

But this!

This is new…

These pink stiletto¬†boots are topped with a stretchy pull-on fabric for a literally seamless transition from boot to thigh-high legging! The result is an effect that looks like the thigh-highs were 3D printed on to the wearer… Or as if someone picked you up like a human-sized Barbie doll and dunked you up to your thighs in a plastic molding to create your new favorite pair of boots!

We like ’em in pink but they’re also available in orange, if that’s your thing!

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