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All-Purpose Desk Organizer

All-Purpose Desk Organizer

Clutter is evil and must be banished from the workplace.

It is a worthy adversary, however.

The strength of messiness is in its method and its patience. See, clutter does not attack in large numbers. No, that would be much too obvious and easy to fight. “Death by 1000 cuts” is the strategy used by chaos when it comes for your desk.

Someone leaves a business card on your desk… Then it’s a marker for the dry erase board… A stack of papers they’ll be right back for…

It’s slow but it never stops. Before you know it, you can’t remember what color the top of your desk is anymore.

Get your desk clean. Put this all-purpose desk organizer on it. There are 78 individual posts made of firm but flexible silicone rubber ready to grip small objects or medium-sized objects of appropriate shape (think rectangles and squares, like paper). When clutter makes its first move, you’ll have a counter.

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