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Bubble Wrap Lingerie

Bubble Wrap Lingerie

Handle with care!

Okay, so, yeah, the chances of getting several uses out of it aren’t very high but so what? It’s bubble wrap lingerie!

Costing way less than similar items made from traditional fabric, what better way to show off those fragile lady parts than some nice bubble wrap? There needs to be a video of someone walking into a shipping store while wearing this and asking how much it would cost to be shipped to Los Angeles.

You can’t see the back of it in this photo (but you can through the link below) and that’s fine because there’s almost nothing to see! It’s essentially a string bikini with a V-strip of bubble wrap up the front and a bit more string around the back of the neck to hold it in place.

Just remember: Once you pop, you can’t stop! (Unless someone tells you to stop, in which case, you should totally stop.)

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