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Amateur Hour Beer Pong Cups

Amateur Hour Beer Pong Cups

You know how when you go bowling with a small child you can get those bumpers that lay in the gutters and make it impossible to roll a gutterball?

This is kinda like that but for beer pong.

These cups don’t make it impossible to brick a shot off the rim of a cup but they do greatly reduce the odds of that happening.

In the style of the classic red plastic party cup, these cups have an innovative design with hexagonal sides. This allows the cups to nestle right up next to each other in a beer pong rack, without the spaces that would be there if you’d used circular cups.

So, yeah, if you feel like cutting someone some slack – say you’ve got a pair of total noobs teamed up against beer pong crack shots – these cups are a great way to give a handicap.

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