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Car Visor Sun Shade

Car Visor Sun Shade

Sun visors in cars are so annoying.

Like, you would think they’d have figured out by now that sun visors are totally inadequate at effectively blocking the sun. If you’re unfortunate enough to live west of your place of employment and work the day shift, you’ve surely experienced the frustration of driving straight at that burning ball of fire in the sky twice a day.

Anyway, this device has you covered, literally.

A visor attachment, it drops down to give you some extra shade from the sun. Kinda like having sunglasses for a section of your windshield. (Or you could just wear sunglasses, yeah. But what about when you forget them, which is always? Yeah. Get the visor attachment thing. Thank us later.)

There’s also another piece that helps reduce glare of headlights driving towards you at night!

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