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No Food or Drinks Sticker

No Food or Drinks Sticker

Every circle of friends has that person with the party house.

When there’s a birthday party or national holiday or even if it’s just last call and nobody wants to go home – the party house is the one everyone always ends up at.

And if you happen to be the friend with the party house, well, you know the drill. Some drinks are gonna get spilled, maybe a bottle (or “a piece of glass”) will get broken… And if your house is the party house because it’s a dump and you don’t care what happens to it then that’s fine. But if your house is the party house because it’s big and nice and you have fun stuff like a huge TV or great stereo system – well, you don’t want that shit getting broken, right?

Nobody’s saying one sticker will fix all your problems but hey, you can at least give it a shot. Put one of these “NO FOOD OR DRINKS” stickers on the cabinet with your record collection or expensive electronics to let people know you do care about the things on that shelf.

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