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Disgusting Pee and Poo Sweatpants

Disgusting Pee and Poo Sweatpants

No, the guys from Jackass aren’t auctioning off their used clothing. These are Goosh pants, the sweats designed to look like someone had a little too much fun – or too much iced coffee and bean burritos!

You might be thinking right now, “Why on earth would anyone want to wear sweatpants that make it look like they pissed and shitted themselves?” Well, it’s not drunkMall’s job to answer questions like that. Think of us as, like, facilitators. We find a need had by others, we find products that meet that need, we arrange a meeting between both parties. It’s a job.

But since this particular item is so far deep into WTF Land, we’ll take some guesses as to why a person would buy these pants: they need or want a pair of sweatpants that make it look like they peed down the front and pooped down the back. That’s it. That’s the only reason.

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