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New Mac-Scented Candle

New Mac-Scented Candle

Unboxing a brand new Mac is a truly singular experience.

It should be, too, because companies like Apple spend a lot of time and money designing their packaging to be such an experience. Everything down to the level of resistance when sliding inserts out of a box is meticulously tested and redesigned until it’s all totally perfect. (This isn’t a joke. Look it up, if you don’t believe.)

Like a new car, new Macs have a smell when they come out of the box. It smells like… luxury…

Unless you’re rich as hell (or you work in a factory that packages Macs), you’ll only get to smell that new Mac smell a handful of times in your life. Or at least, that’s the way it was before this “New Mac” scented candle hit the shelves!

Grab one today, if they aren’t all sold out, and you’ll get to enjoy that luxurious scent whenever you like!

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