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Body Painting Canvas Kit

Body Painting Canvas Kit

Running out of date ideas?

If you’ve been together that long, perhaps you would be interested in an artistic manifestation of the relationship. You don’t even have to invite some possibly sketchy artist from Craigslist over to your place to see you naked!

This kit comes with a non-allergenic canvas for painting with a non-toxic paint. No, it doesn’t come with paint brushes. You don’t need paintbrushes because you are the paintbrush!

That paint is also easily washable, see. Take off all your clothes, put paint all over yourselves and then, uh, do whatever else you usually do. After it’s all over, slide on the disposable slippers that came in the package and go take a shower as your new abstract art piece starts drying!

The best part is that you can even mount it in a super public place with a reasonable expectation that nobody will ever guess what it is…

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