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Cluedo: The Sherlock Edition

Cluedo: The Sherlock Edition

If you’re reading this from North America, Cluedo is the same thing as Clue. If you’re reading this from any other country, Clue is a better name for the game than Cluedo, whatever that means, so write some letters or do whatever you have to do to get that sorted out.

Now, we’ve all played Clue, so no surprises here. It’s still a game of Clue but all the settings and characters are from the first two seasons of the smash hit BBC show, Sherlock, starring Martin Freeman and Bene- Ok, let’s be real. Nothing good can come of us attempting to write or say that dude’s name without making a joke, so we’re not even gonna mess with it.

Unlike other tie-in board games, all the reviewers seem to love this one. The only complaint is that the pawns are pretty generic but one reviewer said she photocopied the characters faces from the box, laminated them and then fastened them to the pawns. Seems like a great idea!

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