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Japanese Happy Horror Kitchen Towels

Japanese Happy Horror Kitchen Towels

These little kitchen towels are so cute on first glance but look closer and you’ll see there’s a bit more than meets the eye.

In each graphic, you’ve got a kitchen appliance or tool that couldn’t be more happy to be doing its job. And then you’ve got a food or drink product that looks terrified to be meeting its end by blender, toaster, heat or even a good, old-fashioned lobotomy by spoon…

We don’t have any idea what the Japanese characters on the towels read but does that really matter? (It doesn’t.) It shouldn’t be any surprise that the sense of humor on display here is Japanese in origin. In fact, these are technically “tea towels,” whatever that means. They look like kitchen towels to us.

Grab a full set of towels through the already-successful Kickstarter below!

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