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Save Water Drink Beer bag

Save Water Drink Beer bag

Drunk shopping is obviously way better (and safer) when done online – preferably at, duh! But that doesn’t mean you can’t show your support for drinking beer while doing some shopping the old way.

It’s an important issue in these times. Look at California. They’re having to enforce rations on water use out there because of a drought! If more adults had been drinking beer this whole time then maybe none of this would have happened. (Right here is probably a great place to mention that not a single person who works at drunkMall is an environmental scientist, dietician or even a college graduate. So, you should almost never, ever listen to anything we say.)

Here’s a tote bag that lets everyone know you’re Team Beer, while also being an environmentally friendly alternative to receiving plastic bags at checkout, as long as you remember to bring your tote with you!

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