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I Could Pee on This: Cat Poetry

I Could Pee on This: Cat Poetry

If cats had thumbs, they would all be poets.

Think about it. All that a cat does is lay around all day, get high on catnip and demand to be fed without performing any labor as repayment. Sound familiar? That’s right, cats are all poets.

Since they don’t have thumbs, though, Francesco Marciuliano had to channel the feline spirit into words in order to create this collection of poetry that may as well be written by cats because it’s what they would write if they could.

[If you haven’t seen it, drunkMall has decided that this Saturday is actually Caturday and published a list of ten items that prove cats are better than people. This book is just as good as the rest of the things on the list but we limited ourselves to ten spots, so this gets its own post!]

With pieces titled, “This Is My Chair” and “Kneel Before Me” and, simply, “Nudge,” this is unmistakably the work of someone with a deep knowledge of the kitty cat world. The 112 page book also features of the cats who “authored” each poem, so that qualifies it to be a massive hit with the Internet crowd.

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