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RC Flying Shark

RC Flying Shark

You’ve seen Sharknado.

Wait, you haven’t seen Sharknado?

Fix your life.

Alright, for everyone who has it together and has seen Sharknado, you know the drill.

The game has changed. Sharks aren’t perfect death machines handcrafted by years of evolution to rampage the oceans of the planet, murdering creatures with their actual faces. Or, well, yeah, they are that but it’s not only happening in the water now. They’ve made it into the skies!

It’s death from above with this remote controlled flying shark!

Remember that episode of Workaholics where all Ders wants in life is the remote control flying shark? This might not be that actual remote control flying shark but this is an actual remote control flying shark!

There are two kinds of people in this stupid world: people who have flying sharks and people who don’t.

Which one are you?

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