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NES Controller Notebook

NES Controller Notebook

Here’s a cheat code for life: own a notebook.

Studies have shown that physically writing something down (rather than typing it) leads to people being more likely to remember what was written down and being quicker to locate the specific note in question if a refresher is needed. (Something about spatial memory or something. )

Therefore, own a notebook.

Also, own a notebook that looks like a giant NES controller!

Because here’s one right here.

It’s got 120 unlined sheets of paper on the inside. So you can use it to write down important/interesting things or to sketch out your new Tumblr furry persona if that’s more your kind of thing.

The cover is a three dimensional recreation of the classic Nintendo controller with buttons and a D-pad made of rubber! Don’t worry, the back of the notebook looks like the back of an NES controller, too.

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